Podcamp London 2012: Enough Talking… Let’s Make a Podcast

Let’s do it. Over the course of the day I’m going to ask people to share 1-2 min stories about their favorite place via email, phone (705 540 7023) , or in person. At the session, we will use audacity to produce a short podcast combining the stories, and add some music. We will also discuss different tools and methods for producing a podcast.



Here is our finished podcast .




My school’s Family Literacy Day website and podcast where families and classes share their favoritebook via a free voicemail hotline from FreePhoneLine.ca


Presentation slides and resources:



Sean McGaughey – @Sean_McGaughey –

 Educational Alchemy:  My blog for discussing education and my reflections from conferences and PD activities.

Catholic Roundup Podcast

ductapeguy.net For the Sake of the Song Podcast and my Music

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