CCOW Week 2 Debug It

I’m loving these debug it activities. It is a great way to teach problem solving strategies and lateral thinking. It is also a great way to introduce need coding concepts.

2.1:  Original project: Debug-It 2.1 by karenb   My solution: Debug-It 2.1 remix

My Solution:
1st try- move define block code to stage… no change.
2nd try- copy define block code over to Gobo… no meow.
3rd try– drag sound “meow” from Scratch sound window to Gobo sprite icon. Success!

2.2: Original project: Debug It! 2.2 My solution: Debug-It 2.2 remix

My Solution:
The original counting code was set to always repeat (10).
I dragged the blue (answer) oval into the repeat block.
(And I added a trumpet sound when scratch is finished– Just because).

2.3: Original project:Debug It! 2.3 My solution: Debug-It 2.3 remix

My Solution:
The original code has no pauses after each talk statement and the broadcasts to call the other sprites are sent in no particular order.
Add a wait 1 second after each statement and broadcast.
Place the podcast block for each sprite directly after Scratch calls them.

2.4: Original project: Debug It! 2.4  My solution:Debug-It 2.4 remix

My Solution:
In the script for SCRATCH Cat after he say’s jump, I added a
[broadcast (jump)] block.

2.5: Original project:Debug It! 2.5 My solution: Debug-It 2.5 remix

My Solution:
This one was trickier.

I added a little script for each background:
When Background switches to (x) –> hide dinosaur — stop (all)–

For the auditorium block I added a show block just before the dinosaur.

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