Simcoe County Teacher Librarian Symposium



It’s my 2nd year as 0.2 librarian in our school. My role is mostly to assist students and teachers with their computer and technology projects. My professional learning goal is to grow into the role of teacher librarian through workshops, reading and courses.

Today I am at the Simcoe County Teacher Librarian Symposium.  This post is for my reflections about today.  It will grow as the day goes on.

The keynote address by Larry Schwartz was about great and inspiring picture books. l want to check out the story called Because of Mr. Terupt.
Here is the bibliography he gave us at the end of his talk.


What’s in my swag bag?



11:00 Just spent a whirlwind 15 minutes buying books with my librarian partner. She has been
Ibrarian at our school for 20years so she knows all the vendors and all the books in our library. We focused on books supporting character education and math.


I’m now at my second session: Comprehension and Collaboration: Inquiry Circles with Lori Ramer. She used prezi for her slides so here they are:

Lori Ramer has some great teaching resources on pinterest.

My 3rd session was Vision Boards with learning Skills. Jen Graham told us how she creates vision boards about learning skills with her grade 7/8 students. Then we had 15 min to make our own vision boards.

My final session was teacher librarian peer coaching. This was a chance for teacher librarians to share their successes and frusrations and their best tips and tricks.

The day ended with a draw for resources donated by the vendors at the conference.
My prize, Namesake by Sue MacLeod.


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