Edcamp Barrie 2016

Tree Man Silhouettehoa. I cannot believe it’s been 2 years since I posted here. I tend to use this blog as my contribution to the online professional educators discourse and to document my learning at conferences and courses.. I apparently did not blog my participation the past two years for my Librarian Part 2 certification, Edcamp Barrie 2, The Push your learning conference, the OLA super conference, two Simcoe County library symposiums, and an ETFO summer Library academy.
But here I am today.  I use this space as my backup brain so here goes:

Edcamp Barrie blog:

Edcamp Barrie Schedule


My first session Engaging Parents <– See session notes. 

There have been some great ideas for engaging and connecting with parents.

Some of the best:

  • Community clothing swap room
  • Remind APP to connect with parents directly (easy to use, GO to the parents with the form)
  • Invite parents for “Family Fridays!” last 30 minutes of the day. Build an inquiry together:)
  • # 1 It’s all about relationships… with parents, with students, with colleagues.
  • We don’t teach subjects – we teach children!

    Relationships first.

Session 2:

I hung out in the math playground and played with the stuff:

  1. www.megamenger.com   Making growing fractal cubes with business card sized pieces of cardstock.
  2. win_20161001_113505 win_20161001_113438
  3. I  had a gread discussion in the Math Playground with  a math resource teacher and a principal about putting an intentional Math focus into our STEAM activities.

Session 3:

Play Based Learning

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