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CCOW Week 1 Wrapup- About Me.

About Me Project

My About Sean McGaughey scratch project is the final assignment for week one of the Creative Computing Online Workshop.

What was surprising about this activity? 

While I was making this project I used several other tools:  openclipart.org to find images, Audacity and Reaper for sound editing, and GIMP for image editing.   These are all great tools, but I was surprised by Scratch’s built in paint and recording tools.  They are more limited than full featured editors, but they definitely can get the job done.  In the future, I may use of the paint and sound recording tools in scratch as an introduction to graphic and sound editing, before I showed them more dedicated tools.

How might you adapt it for the learners that you support?

This project is open ended, so it can easily become huge for overachievers (busted), while other students may need more structure before they design their program.  I think I might present the class with these questions before they began?

  • What do you want to share about yourself?
  • What images and sounds do you want to include?
  • How will your audience interact with the program?
  • What style will you present it as (ie. a game, a presentation, a story, a movie, etc. ).

Wrap-up of my week

This is my first experience taking a MOOC and I am enjoying it so far.  One thing about taking an open-ended, independent study course is that I am going to have to take care to set clear boundaries on the size and scope of my scratch projects or this course is going to take way too much of  my limited available time.   June is one of the busiest months at school here with report cards, Grade 8 graduation, and tons of end of year activities.  I wish the workshop would have started in July.

I began the week by moving my blog from edublogs to it’s new home at edalchemy.mcgaughey.ca.   

Here are the rest of my posts for the week.

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I’m looking forward to next week’s activities and to getting to know some of the other participants.