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Conversations Between Sprites: Week 2- Penguin Jokes

The assignment:

Start by seeing inside the Penguin Joke project. Observe how the author animated the conversation between Penguin and Nano using wait blocks. Remix the Penguin Joke project to use the broadcast and when I receive blocks (instead of using wait blocks).

So I remixed it using broadcast blocks as per the assignment.
Then I wondered if I could combine some define your own blocks with a script and a list of data, and some loops to make a random knock, knock joke teller. So after the fish joke, Penguin starts choosing randomly from a list of knock knock jokes.

Then I got the idea that every few knock-knock jokes (25% randomly), penguin will ask the user to type in a knock-knock joke to be added to the list. I was going to try the cloud data feature to make a massive user contributed list of knock-knock jokes. Alas, the feature to have cloud based lists has not been implemented yet. It is still a good idea, and I like the added interactivity I added.


How would you describe Broadcast to someone else?
The Broadcast feature is a way for different elements of a scratch project (sprites, stage) to interact with another.  You can set up a broadcast for when a certain event or condition is met during the program.  Other sprites can listen for the broadcast then  {When I receive (command)}. they can carry out a certain task or script.

When would you use timing in a project? When would you use broadcasting? 

I would use timing when there are a fixed number of unchanging sequential events.  I would use broadcasting when there are a variety of possible outcomes that can come in sequential or random order.

P.S. I got some of my Knock Knock Jokes from funology.com.