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Edcamp Barrie 2016

Tree Man Silhouettehoa. I cannot believe it’s been 2 years since I posted here. I tend to use this blog as my contribution to the online professional educators discourse and to document my learning at conferences and courses.. I apparently did not blog my participation the past two years for my Librarian Part 2 certification, Edcamp Barrie 2, The Push your learning conference, the OLA super conference, two Simcoe County library symposiums, and an ETFO summer Library academy.
But here I am today.  I use this space as my backup brain so here goes:

Edcamp Barrie blog:

Edcamp Barrie Schedule


My first session Engaging Parents <– See session notes. 

There have been some great ideas for engaging and connecting with parents.

Some of the best:

  • Community clothing swap room
  • Remind APP to connect with parents directly (easy to use, GO to the parents with the form)
  • Invite parents for “Family Fridays!” last 30 minutes of the day. Build an inquiry together:)
  • # 1 It’s all about relationships… with parents, with students, with colleagues.
  • We don’t teach subjects – we teach children!

    Relationships first.

Session 2:

I hung out in the math playground and played with the stuff:

  1. www.megamenger.com   Making growing fractal cubes with business card sized pieces of cardstock.
  2. win_20161001_113505 win_20161001_113438
  3. I  had a gread discussion in the Math Playground with  a math resource teacher and a principal about putting an intentional Math focus into our STEAM activities.

Session 3:

Play Based Learning

EdCamp Barrie

I am a big fan of Edcamps so I was thrilled that one was organized just 1/2 an hour from my home.   Here we are on September 27 on a Saturday having some great participant-driven conversations about education at EdCamp Barrie.

As usual, I’m posting here to have all my musings and learning from this event in one place.


Live Edcamp Barrie Schedule

Edcamp Barrie Conversation on Twitter


Here is Deb McCallum’s storify wrapup of Edcamp Barrie



My 10:30 session:  

Session Shared Notes: Session 1.181  iPads  

My key learning:

I liked how this conversation focused on How to use and manage ipads to best differentiate learning and to have the students create rather than consume content.

From the shared doc:

Ipads in schools:  It’s not about installing any old app they can play with at home.  It’s about using these powerful tools to create rich learning.

Ask the kids how they want to use them.

The integration with Google apps is really the ‘secret sauce’  It allows sharing, use anywhere, etc…


  My 11:15 Session: Session Shared Notes: Session 2.163 Game-Based Learning

My Key Learning:  This conversation seemed to centre on using minecraft and other games to enhance and enrich learning.  There was also some mention of specific gameish educational sites and apps.   I was hoping to bring up the concept of gamification but time ran out.


Lunch:  I sat with Melissa Jensen @mjtbarrie, our boards library consultant, and several other teachers.  We discussed how to overcome some of the challenges we are having with the new iPad rollout in our schools, and Melissa gave me some tips for using our computerized catalogue tool in our libraries.

1:00 Coding Session Shared Notes: Session 3.165 Coding

My Key Learning:

Diana Boulanger  @mcd_boulanger http://mcdboulanger.edublogs.org/ gave us an amazing demonstration on how she uses coding with hopscotch in her grade 3/4 and FSL programs. 

1:45: BYOD:  Session Shared Notes:  Session 4.163

My Key Learning:  Some great suggestions for the practicalities of BYOD and how to teach students when and how to use and not to use your devices.

2:45 Wrap-Up SLAM

1: Use Google forms and mapping addon to mass source map data. 

2: Louise’s mood check form– connected it to a QR code.  

3:  Scott http://bit.ly/commentslam