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I Love A Parade- Step by Step Intro

My first coding activity for the Creative Computing Online Workshop  was to follow the Step by Step Intro tutorial on the scratch website and then build upon it to make a simple dancing sprite.  The drumbeats of the sample program suggested a marching band to me, so I changed the cat sprite to a marching band graphic found on OpenClipart.org and I decided to have a parade to mark the opening of the workshop.  Enjoy.

What was surprising about the activity? I have done some programming in Scratch so thought I was beyond the introductory tutorial, but just getting used to the new web interface took some time.

How did it feel to be led step-by-step through the activity?  I felt a little constrained, and just wanted to PLAY!
As a learner (with Scratch and beyond), when do you like having more structure?  When I am seeking out direct instructions on how to do a specific subtask or operation I would like a concise answer.

When do you like having more freedom?  When I am trying to solve a problem.  (ie-How do I get this band to stop?).
When do you feel most creative?  When I have enough knowledge and skill to attempt a task with some chance of success, but only enough knowledge and skill to be dangerous…