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Week 1 Scratch Studios Activity

Mr. McG’s Scratch Picks Created: 05/06/2013 Owner


Today’s activity was pretty straightforward.  Go to the explore page on SCRATCH to find some interesting scratch programs and collect them into a studio Studios on Scratch are just a way of collecting a set of links to scratch projects into a group.

Here is Mr. McG’s Scratch Picks,  a few exceptional scratch projects that I want to show my students.

The Studio feature could also be useful for gathering all the projects from a class into one place, for making a series of lessons or presentations, or for exploring different themes and interests.

I use a variety of this kind of list curation techniques on my other blogs and podcasts. Very often for online (or face to face) conferences like CCOW, I will make a Twitter Lists of participants, then embed that list into my blog for a handy stream of comments from fellow participants.  On my Catholic Roundup podcast website, I keep a directory of jhundreds of other Catholic Blogs and podcasts, which I maintain using Google Reader’s bundle feeds feature.  Now that Google Reader is closing, I am looking for a new way to manage large lists of feeds and embed them on my website.

As a teacher, librarian and blogger, I’m always looking for easy ways to organize, curate and share links to- ‘The Good Stuff’.   The only feature I would like to see in scratch studios would be to have a widget that could be embedded into other websites showing the list of links in the studio.